Understanding Light - and shooting right!


all cameras average the existing light. What that means is, just because you can see it, doesn't mean the camera can. The human eye is far more sophisticated than the most expensive camera money can buy. For example, you stand someone in front of a bright window, your eye can still tell who that person is, but the camera can not, at least, not without help. Your eye will zoom into a person's face and ignore that bright light around them, but the camera will not

Running Apple Mac OS X on Windows PC!


In the best case, Mac OS X Leopard on standard PC hardware can use the full graphics acceleration (Quartz, Core Image) and all the characteristics of CPU

CANON Rebel XS 1000D


recently their in-depth review of the new Canon Rebel XS 1000D!

CANON G9 - Back up For Professionals?


Canon G9 that seemed to have nice specs (12.1 megapixels, a 35-210mm image stabilized lens, and RAW capabilities) and an even nicer price (under $500). The images on the big LCD looked great and the list of pro features on the camera was impressive

Share Your Memories with Adobe Photoshop Showcase

Author: Prassprasetio On Tuesday, August 19, 2008 Share on Facebook
If you need a place to share for picture about you're special family outings, that favorite vacation, your daughter's wedding, and all the beautiful moments been captured.

Now using Photoshop Elements 5.0 and the related online service – Adobe® Photoshop® Showcase – you can turn these special moments into lasting memories.
by uploading and share your Adobe Photoshop Elements creations, also you can view content from other people, or if you want to protect your picture right just publish your Flash Galleries online.This 3 Steps only Needed:
- Capture that special moment
- Create a special album or personalized Web Photo Gallery using Photoshop Element 5.0 or later
- Publish to www.photoshopshowcase.com and share your memories with your friends and family with just a few mouse clicks.

It’s EASY, FAST, FREE, SAFE and SECURE – so what’s missing? . . . . . . YOU!

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