Understanding Light - and shooting right!


all cameras average the existing light. What that means is, just because you can see it, doesn't mean the camera can. The human eye is far more sophisticated than the most expensive camera money can buy. For example, you stand someone in front of a bright window, your eye can still tell who that person is, but the camera can not, at least, not without help. Your eye will zoom into a person's face and ignore that bright light around them, but the camera will not

Running Apple Mac OS X on Windows PC!


In the best case, Mac OS X Leopard on standard PC hardware can use the full graphics acceleration (Quartz, Core Image) and all the characteristics of CPU

CANON Rebel XS 1000D


recently their in-depth review of the new Canon Rebel XS 1000D!

CANON G9 - Back up For Professionals?


Canon G9 that seemed to have nice specs (12.1 megapixels, a 35-210mm image stabilized lens, and RAW capabilities) and an even nicer price (under $500). The images on the big LCD looked great and the list of pro features on the camera was impressive

How to starting a digital photography business

Author: Prassprasetio On Wednesday, March 12, 2008 Share on Facebook

If you are never in the pictures, because you are always behind the camera, you should consider putting all of your experience to work in a digital photography business. Digital photography is becoming more and more the norm for the way that our memories are being recorded and preserved, and times have surely changed. A century ago, only the really rich people could afford to preserve their memories with photographs, but today, almost everyone has digital albums of pictures that were taken at various events.

If you are good at taking pictures, maybe starting a home business in digital photography would be a very profitable endeavor. People often pay huge sums of money for a photographer for their wedding, graduation, or other party; why not get paid for something that you already like to do?

Step One: The first step to starting a digital photography business is to make sure that your equipment is functional, high quality and up-to-date. No one is going to pay for blurry images.

Step Two: Research the legalities required to start a business in your state. You may be required to register your company name with the secretary of state.

Step Three: Take the time to create a professional appearance.

A few ways to do this would be:

- Have a logo professionally created
- Create a website
- Order business cards with your logo
- Have letterhead printed with your logo
- Create a portfolio of your work

When you have completed these steps, you are ready to find a few clients. You may have to work for a reduced fee to gain a couple of clients, but once you provide great work to them, they'll recommend you to their friends and you will have people pounding down your door! When you are working with your clients, you are going to want to include some of your best pictures and make a portfolio. This can be a digital album of the work that you have done. It can be on disk, DVD or paper. It is really important that you have something to show prospective clients, and even more important that your portfolio reflects the quality of your work.

When thinking about your digital photography business, one thing to consider is whether or not you can add something special or unique. Perhaps, you can offer to make a digital album of their wedding, adding music, video, and special backgrounds to their pictures, to make a virtual slideshow on a DVD. Or, if you are talented with computer programs, perhaps you could retouch some of the photos that are going to be printed and enlarged, so that the bride and groom look their very best.

If you are a good photographer, and people always look their best when you are behind the lens, consider starting a digital photography business. The only thing better than being able to capture people's memories, is being able to capture and preserve their memories well.

Mindy Benkert is a successful business owner and mom devoted to helping others find their perfect Home Business. Visit her site today to find yours!

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